Exporting/Importing Environment

Exporting/Importing Environment


Course Description:

This course focuses on the concerns of the practicing international trade professional worldwide.  It has been designed to form a sound foundation and understanding of the major factors affecting the global marketplace.  It is an excellent exporting and importing skills building course for the new entrant to international trade that wants a complete survey of the discipline, and a great refresher course for those wanting to revisit the discipline before sitting for the industry certification examinations. All of the major concepts and terminology of international trade are addressed in the hands-on activities and topic papers that form the basis of this course.

Prerequisite: None

Course Credit: 3 Credit Hours

Student Testimonial:

“(Exporting-Importing Environment TRD-201) has met all of my expectations. The standards set for the course are at a college level. The study materials and the internet links are very helpful and easy to understand. It is challenging and demands your full attention and it requires each student to participate in the virtual class discussions. In the virtual classroom I get to speak with other students whom are full of experience and knowledge, which helps increase my knowledge in this vast international business.” – Henry W.L. Lindon