Below are useful resources to help aid you with registration for a professional IIEI Certification or a Dunlap-Stone University (DSU) Degree.

1. Apply for the IIEI/DSU Military Scholarship**

  • All eligible Military Personnel can apply for The International Import-Export Institute and Dunlap-Stone University’s Military Scholarship, 25% off of course tuition.
  • Fill out the IIEI Military Scholarship Application (PDF) to find out if you are eligible. 

2. Discuss with IIEI/DSU Enrollment Advisor, which Certification or Degree program you would like to enroll into.

  • Our Advisors are happy to discuss your educational goals and will assist you in an education plan.  They can provide the course & schedule details you need in order to help fill out your forms.

3. Your documented military training and education can be eligible for college credit.

  • Most Veterans are eligible to use their former service branch’s transcript program.  However if you are not eligible for AARTS, SMART, CCAF or CGI programs, you will need to fill out form DD-295 and provide your DD-214 Discharge Document to receive credit for your experience.
  • The International Import-Export Institute at Dunlap-Stone University is an American Council on Education (ACE) Member recognizes ACE-endorsed transcripts.  Visit their website at for more information.

4. To assist you with Veteran benefits contact your local Veteran Affairs facility. 

5. Eligible students may elect to use their VA Education Benefits to help with the cost of IIEI tuition, certification examinations, and course materials.

6. Contact your Advisor to complete your enrollment.

  • To reserve a seat in class, contact your Advisor at 800-474-8013.

Qualified Veterans and their immediate family can receive the IIEI/DSU Military Scholarship (25% off cost of tuition course)