We are very pleased and appreciative of the reviews, comments, and testimonials we have received since our beginning. We try very hard to ensure that all of our students are able to reach their educational goals by attending DSU. As a result, we have been growing steadily since we first opened our doors in 1995. Thank you for your strong continued support.


Program Reviews:

Below are some reviews we would like to share from our students. As Dunlap-Stone University grows we will continue to share what our students say about our Programs.


“…Thank you again for the opportunity for me to earn my Bachelor’s degree in a field which is more and more becoming an integral part of today’s business world. The global economy will only grow in the years to come and with this degree, you have helped me to better position myself to be successful within it…” – Rita M.


“Obtaining a BS in International Trade Compliance Management is a tremendous benefit. Being in this field for as long as I have, it had always been “on-the-job” training. There were no courses available to guide you when I first started out. Having this education along with the hands-on experience has provided me an opportunity to pursue a career that I really enjoy.” – Cindy H.


“… I recently completed the Bachelor of Science in International Trade Management Degree with dual emphasis in Trade Compliance Management and Global Supply Chain Management and I would like to express my sincere thanks to you, the faculty, and the administration of Dunlap-Stone University’s International Import-Export Institute for affording me this opportunity. As you know, balancing work and school is extremely challenging and the freedom and ease of taking classes using this well designed online model made this possible for me…” – Raj O.


“My company has benefited by my education and training by IIEI/DSU by me having the ability to make export compliance decisions at the “speed of business”. With every class I take I rely less on outside counsel which is a cost savings for the company. Also, the education and training I have gained has allowed me to tailor our export compliance program to be business effective and yet remain in compliance with regulations such as the Export Administration Regulations and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.” – Robert R.


“I very much enjoyed studying export compliance. The online classroom is such an effective way to learn once you get the hang of it, which doesn’t take long at all. Our instructor, Stephanie Ratliff, was terrific. Overall I had a wonderful learning experience and I am ready to build on it with IIEI/DSU.” – Vera K.


“I like that IIEI at Dunlap-Stone University has such a practical approach to teaching import/export–the course information, readings,and class discussions from which I have learned so much are all geared towards real, everyday issues and the knowledge we need to get the job done using “best practices”. As I enter the job market, I feel confident that the training I have received will lead to success.” – Jennifer E.


Course Reviews:

Below are some reviews we would like to share from our students. As Dunlap-Stone University grows we will continue to share what our students say about our online courses.


TRD-141: Incoterms 2010

“Great experience with the course, the instructor was very clear with his explanations and accurate with the answers. I highly recommend this course.” – Selvin V.

TRD-306: Understanding the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)

“I thoroughly enjoyed this class and I learned more than I expected to within a 6 week period. The format of having to write essays and case studies based on particular scenarios has been very useful to me as it causes you to dig into the regulations to figure out how they would apply. For me, this is a much better way of learning and more importantly retaining what I learned.” – Denise A.

TRD-307: Understanding Export Administration Regulations (EAR)

A very informative class. A great think tank on real life situations. 100% applicable to daily export shipments. Excellent course content, and superb instructor. – Trina M.

TRD-308: Mastering ITAR Exemptions

“Excellent course that proved to be very useful for the type of work performed at NASA Johnson Space Center in my role as an Export Compliance Analyst. The pace of the work and timely feedback by my instructor, Kimberly Fordham, was just right. Kimberly is an insightful and engaging instructor that promoted learning throughout the course.” -Charles M.

TRD-311: Documentation for Export Compliance

“This class was my favorite class for CUSECO, because it was like “when the rubber meets the road”. I was able to apply all I learned from ITAR and EAR to documentation.” – Linda A.

TRD-320: Ethics in Trade Compliance

“Prior to taking the class, I thought that the ethics class was going to be a no-brainer. I was completely wrong. The course had so many lessons and applications to my work. I was absolutely impressed by the attention to detail that Art provided as an instructor. This was my best class with IIEI and honestly, this class has made me decide to push forward and complete my bachelor’s degree with IIEI. Thanks for a great class experience.” – Stephanie W.

TRD-325: UK Export Control Regulations

“The UK Export Control Regulations class gave me a better understanding of the UK export requirements. It helped me to gauge it against US export requirements which in many cases similar. I have learned a lot from this class and it will help me in my current job function. – Delta F.